1. IP - Come into My Room


Come, into my room, share with me your story.
Tell me all your dreams, and we'll find your glory.
There's no need to be afraid, 'cause I've heard it all before.
So let's start when it began, as I softly close the door.

In my room... In my room...

Come, into my room, just be who you are.
I'll help you find your moon, and maybe a few stars.
In a world that goes so fast, it's so easy to get lost.
I will try to guide you home,'til your soul feel safe & warm.

In my room... In my room...

(Musical Bridge)

In a world that goes so fast, It's not easy to get by.
But I promise you this, I will help you learn to fly !

In my room.
In my room..
In my room...

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