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The most noticeable painting of music
on the Forever In Bloom CD is the song Queen of Hearts which Shirley
dedicates to the life of Princess Diana.

This song is dedicated to the life of Princess Diana.

No beauty nor gold no riches of Kings
Could keep me from my love forever to be I made a wish and here you are
Lying besides me with all your charm
You are my love forever now

Beds lace with satin, diamonds and pearls Will never give true love to this world Make a wish upon a star
To find your true love look in your heart
That's the place that you should start

And in the springtime flowers will bloom Love is in the air
Even the mountains will sing this tune
Love is everywhere!

So now you know what you must do
To find the Queen of Hearts inside of you.
Make a wish, be who you are!
Then you'll find true love within your heart.
It was there right from the start!

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