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This song was written for my high school friend Kay K

How can you just leave here?
Leave your hometown behind?
You know you'll miss us all Kay
It's just a matter of time

You said that you were leaving.
Your pass here is dead and gone
Well if that's the way you want it
Who am I to hold on?

It's ok, Kay.
You do what you got to do
We shared dreams you know,
a friendship that grew.
It's ok,..oh Kay...
If you say it feels all right
I'll remember yesterday's stories
and move on with my life.

It's ok Kay... Oh Kay K...
It's ok Kay.... Oh Kay K....

But to me Kay that ain't no reason
Not to write or to give me a call
I can't understand your change of plans
I thought that this was your home...
I was wrong!

It's ok Kay... Oh Kay K...
It's ok Kay.... Oh Kay K....

(This is the Bridge with the horn section ! )

If you ever need a friend to talk to
Pick up the phone and call my name out loud!
If you ever need a hand to hold to
You know I'm here to help out
I'm telling your Kay that's it's all ok
You can always come home if you want to......

( Last verse>
Well I need to end this letter.
I hope your address is right
If you ever hear this song
Please call me at the lake tonight

See ya, Kay K... Oh...Kay K!

Miss ya, Kay K...Oh...Kay K...

Hope you're ok Kay...Oh....Kay K!

Love ya, Kay K !

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