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This song is written for my nephew who asked me to write about the lake we both vacation on.

The moonlight on the water sparkles every where, there's silence in the air...
The mountains cast its shadows on the eastern shores.
a peaceful night for all souls that wonder about starlight
Were stars always there in the midnight air?
And the glory of their beauty makes you realize
it's good to be alive to see ...

The sunshine on the water sparkling everywhere,
sweetness in the air...
The trees on the mountain reaches to the sky
the clouds flow slowly by...
And the flowers on the shorelines are filled with
butterflies, birds and dragonflies
As you sit here by the water your soul begins to fly
Your heart feels so high!

And all at once you know the meaning of love
Love is everything, the mountains, birds and trees!
They'll always be here for everyone to share
The moon, the stars, the eastern shores
will be here forever more!

The moonlight on the water sparkles bright tonight,
Everything's so right...
The mountains are a sleep now &
peace is everywhere ...
Eternity is here once more...

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