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Notes: This song is very truthful and humorous to me at the same time. Even though this winter was so beautiful, I am guilty of being a snow bird and going on vacation in Florida every Winter to get out of the cold weather in New York! LOL :)

Gulf of Florida - LYRICS

I'm going to the Gulf of Florida
to get out from the snow
I know if I stay north here
I'll surely die of the cold.

So I'm going to the Gulf of Florida
to play out in the sun
I don't think I'll come back here
until winter here is done!

Down in sunny Florida Life is slow
Here in New York City the wind blows,
and I can't hold on

Down in sunny Florida
they say that life is fine
Here in Manhattan It's so cold
I'll lose my mind!

So, I'm going to the Gulf of Florida
leave my frozen bones behind
It's time to leave north here
until the Springtime

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