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I recorded SUNRISE during the month of April. Each day I got up and went to my studio and just looked out over the lake at the Sunrise coming up. I then recorded the sounds, which I call my "Paint Colors", from my keyboards on how I thought the Sunrise look liked each early morning. Since I was just having my first cup of coffee I feel these recordings came from a higher source. The tempo of the music on my SUNRISE album moves at the same pace the sun came up each day. I find this album very peaceful for when I just want to slow down my mind and escape into daydreaming or just relaxing on the couch after a busy day. I would recommend to listen to this album at home instead of while driving your car. While I was listening to this album during the final "mastering' of it I noticed it tended to make me really drift into a "peaceful zone" that I thought, "Thank goodness" I'm in the studio instead of driving my car ~ ... so I thought I better mention that to you.... Recording the SUNRISE album was a true joy for me. I am finally getting to a good place in my life... healing from the loss of love ones, and saying to myself... the angels in heaven wants me to make every Sunrise count ! For those who have been there... WE all know how it is so important to enjoy family & friends that fill our life up with love each day !

I hope you start each day with the SUN shining in your heart ~ today & forever ~

With Love & Peace,   Shirley ~:~

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