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Behind the music of Relaxing Piano music 

I recorded RELAXING PIANO MUSIC album at "FDU college" outside of New York City without any "takeouts", "cuts" or "studio edits". This piano album was recorded for a fan that wrote to me asking to record a piano CD. "Shirley... My deceased father was a fabulous pianist... I miss him terribly. He died when I was sixteen of a massive heart attack. Things have never been the same since in my life.

My question is do you have a CD of strictly piano recorded?"  I could relate so well from losing both my parents and sister ... this e-mail really inspired me to record a CD of the "Piano versions of songs from my other CDs", with a few new songs included! This CD is a wonderful way to hear how the songs sounded as I wrote them with just the piano before I added orchestra arrangements to them.

I hope this CD helps everyone find some quiet time for when we all get lost in our hearts, in our souls & in our minds for those we miss and love in our life ~  Enjoy the quiet music... Shirley ~:~


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